Our mission

The World Association of Beet and Cane Growers (WABCG) is the international organisation which groups together the national and regional associations of sugar beet and sugar cane growers at international level.

WABCG has over 34 member associations and unites over 5 million sugar beet and sugar cane growers from the five continents. WABCG is present in 32 countries, producing 60% of world sugar production.

WABCG is a non-political organisation in close contact with other international organisations in the sugar sector and, in particular, the International Sugar Organization (ISO). It is fully financed and controlled by its member organisations.

The two main objectives of WABCG are the following:

  • to contribute towards the economic, technical and social well-being of beet and cane growers, by organising an exchange of information and ideas on all problems encountered in the sector.
  • to contribute towards strengthening the professional representation of beet and cane growers in national and international fora.